The goal of Dawah department is to work on both individual and collective method of spreading the Message of Islam.

Different Types of Methods Used To Spread Dawah –

Masjid, Mail, Media, Email, Flyers Online, Toll-Free Number for Non-Muslims, Distibution of Islamic Literature.

Major Activities for  Dawah  include

Weekly Neighbor Nets • Publications • Media Team
• Qur’anic classes •Tajweed classes • Tafseer classes

• These are held over the internet as well as on the phone and in person in various  units. • Islamic Tarbiyah Courses are held in major units • Exams and Tests are held after the classes and prizes and certificates are distributed


Tafseer of the Quran

This program is designed particularly for Ramadan. In this program, sisters read the entire Quran with meanings and commentary. Local classes are held at masjid Online “Tafseer of the Quran” is held online on  hot conference room. Last year a total of 65 classes were held. Inshallah, for next year we are targeting for 100 or more classes

Online Classes

All Tarbiyah and Dawah classes are also held online. Online lectures are arranged from time to time.

Sisters media team

This team work for current and on going issues in this world. it also take care in collaboration with other organizations and act accordingly.

Book service

Our major cities are provided with bookstores where we can get authentic books at reasonable price.

Relief and social welfare

The main motto of this department is to provide the six prescribed rights (Hadith) of one Muslim over another. “O you who believe, if you help the cause of Allah, he will help you and make firm of your feet” (Quran 47:7)

Web Dawah

A web site is developed by ICNA sisters for dawah purpose in order to promote Islamic teachings and make accessible for every one.
This site will include all events and online dawa programs that can be reached by sisters

For joining us email at icnasisterscanada@gmail.com