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  • News  Jan-April 2014

    Hijab Booth in University of Manitoba on Jan 31st:

    ICNA Sisters set up a booth in the University Center at the University of Manitoba trying to raise awareness about Muslim Women and the question of hijab. Free hijabs were given out to anyone who was sporting enough to try one on at the booth.  Everyone walked away with brochures about hijab, women in Islam, and the purpose in life. Some Quran translations were also given out. Students and staff alike visited the booth and were appreciative of the effort.


    Islam Awareness Week – University of Manitoba – March 24th, 2014

    Alhamdulillah, ICNA Sisters Winnipeg was invited by MSA at the University of Manitoba to raise awareness about Islam and the position of women as part of Islam Awareness Week on campus. ICNA Sisters participated in handing out brochures to U of M students and faculty, engaging students in conversations about women’s status in Islam and initiating dialogues with those who had additional questions about Islam. People were given free reading material, copies of the Quran in English and cupcakes. What better way to deliver our message of peace and equality?


    Library Dawah Event -Louis Riel Library – February 20th, 2014

    Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbour was arranged at the Local Library on 20th Feb. Posters highlighting our beliefs, Quran, Prophet Muhammad, and Canadian Muslims and Muslims around the world were put up. Calligraphic paintings of verses of Quran, displays of Mecca and Medina, and other Islamic art were also on display. Quran Translations and brochures were handed out to all the guests who came our way and others who were visiting the library. Activities for women and children were arranged like henna and face painting. The guests were able to view the displays which helped to initiate dawah conversations.  All the guests enjoyed the delicious free snacks provided. Like always we were welcomed and asked to hold this event again in the library.


    Inspiring Women Inspire Change Seminar – University of Manitoba – March 29th, 2104

    Islamic history is filled with exemplary women – scholars, social workers, educators and even soldiers. ICNA Sisters Winnipeg invited 3 such women from our local community to share their stories and inspire us to build bridges that overcome barriers of religion, culture, language and education within our communities. This event was held under the guidance of the Outreach department. The purpose of the seminar was to highlight why women have to be involved in the Public Square (community) in some capacity. As Muslim Canadian women we must engage society so our communities will be prosperous, safe and close knit. We are not and must not remain separate from our community. Our speakers were SISTER SHAHINA SIDDIQUI (executive director Islamic Social Services Association), Dr. JENNIFER RAHMAN (Ophthalmologist and Surgeon), and SISTER SHAHEENA AWAN (Program coordinator for AlNoor Weekend school).

    The audience consisted of women from different backgrounds in the Muslim community and otherwise, reverted sisters, teachers, educators, social service workers, neighbours, and those interested in knowing more about Islam and Muslim women.

    Furthermore this event was able to bring together different organizations working within the Muslim community to talk on the ultimate goal of working for the pleasure of Allah SWT.


    ICNA Sisters West region 2013 Report

    Efforts have been made to hold regular events throughout the year. Some have been very successful and were repeated. Every effort was made to hold all the events suggested in the annual planning sent to us at the beginning of the year.

    Regular dawah activities at unit level are: Weekly Quran Classes, Monthly dars e Quran, Welcome Ramadan programs, Dora e Quran, Eid milon programs, Zilhajj programs

    Dawah by Roses: roses with a info card inviting to explore Islam were handed out.

    Islam Awareness week : in Univ. of Manitoba (Feb):This was done in cooperation with the MSA (Muslim Student Association) where we set up a table in the University Center and gave out brochures and Quran

    Garage Sale (June): Quran . Talks were also arranged by some speakers from the community.

    Get to know your Muslim neighbor (April and May): In this Library conference room was used with displays and posters about Islam, henna, face painting, gifts, and refreshments, Brochure, Quran translations, books, and DVDs were given to guests.

    Green Day Dawah (May): (June): 300  Plants gifts water bottles with Brochures were distributed through MCNA students. cleaning the park

    Canada Day (July):gifts were bought and distributed to families in the park with cards about Islam. Water, Juice, chips and other food items were also distributed along with cards.

    Ramadan gift and iftar (July and August): Each member tried to send iftar and give out gift bags to neighbors with cards about Ramadan. Alhamdullillah this was repeated a few times in Ramadan by some of the members.

    Eid Open House (September): Library was again used to hold the Eid Open House where we gave out eid gifts. Along with henna, face painting, calligraphy, and jewelry art was set up for kids. Was very successful alhamdullillah.

    Muslim Heritage Day (October): A community center was used to hold this event. A lot of publicity was done. Stalls with food, clothes, jewelry, henna, face painting, jewelry making, and bouncers for kids. Quran, brochures, books, dvds were given out to guests.(August) Around 500 Quran plus brochures were distributed. Henna, face painting, and finger painting arranged.Estimate:Total: 1800

    Gift bags with Quran and brochures are given out in the Library.

    Street dawah with Book Stalls are done in collaboration with ICNA Brothers on a regular basis.

    Mac Evan’s University: Brochures and Quran were distributed to students.

    Malls and parks: dawah material distributed in front of malls and in parks.

    Bus Stops: Brochures were kept at major bus stops on a weekly basis.

    Welcome Spring project (April and May): 300 roses were distributed and about 400 cards were given out with them in these 2 events

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